Anna Crous

Lawyer. Practice Areas: Procedural, Civil and Public Law.

Member of the Barcelona Bar Association since 2012.

Professional Profile

She began her professional career in 2011 at LegalStrengths, a pioneering area of Strengths Business Engineering that offers an innovative legal consultancy service specialising in administrative, environmental and town planning law. In 2013 joined the Public Law Department at Bufete Roca Junyent as an intern. In-house lawyer at Macxipà (2014). Lawyer at Argentum Finanzas Corporativa – Argentum Legal (2015). Working as a lawyer at the firm since 2016.

Academic Background

Law Degree, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Ll. M. in Professional Legal Practice, Institut d’Educació Contínua (IDEC). Postgraduate Course in Compliance, IDEC and Universidad Carlos III. Master’s Degree in Procedural Civil Law, ICAB. International Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Course, London School of Economics. Various courses in 'Ley de Segunda Oportunidad', ICAB and Colegio de Economistas de Cataluña. Seminars in 'Compliance Officer y responsabilidad penal de la empresa' and 'Estrategias de defensa a la luz de la Circular 1/2016, de la FGE, sobre la responsabilidad penal de las personas jurídicas tras la reforma del Código Penal', UIC.


Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Portuguese.

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