Jose Ignacio
Parellada V.

Jose Ignacio Parellada V.

Collaborating lawyer. Since 2010 he joined as a collaborator in the firm. Specialising in Bankruptcy and Commercial Law

Member of the Barcelona Bar Association since 1964.

Professional Profile

In 1964 started working as a corporate lawyer for 'Crédito y Caución', where he was in charge of the Bankruptcy Department and Large Payment Claims, while also working as a professor of Procedural Law at the University of Barcelona. In 1990 he founded his own firm, mainly working in the field of Bankruptcy Law, Large Payment Claims and Directors' Liability. Since 2010 he has collaborated with the firm in the Area of Bankruptcy and Commercial Law.

As a Teacher

Since 1992 he has been a professor of 'Bankruptcy Law' at the ICAB (Barcelona Bar Association) School of Legal Practice. He is a Receiver and a member of the Commission of Receivers, in cases of Suspension of Payments and Bankruptcies. He has appeared as a speaker and presented a number of papers with regard to Bankruptcy Law. Is a member of the ICAB Bankruptcy Law Culture Commission and a professor on the Bankruptcy Administrations Training Course of the ICAB Master's in Bankruptcy Law.

Academic Background

Bachelor of Law, University of Barcelona; Seminars on 'Taxation Studies', 'Instalment Sales', 'Balance Analysis', plus a Course in 'Bankruptcy Law', ESADE, and a Course on 'International Aspects of the Company in Crisis', ICAB.


Spanish, Catalan, French and English.

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